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FLY BY NIGHT Disc Jockeys offers a variety of contemporary lighting enhancements that can turn an ordinary party into an extraordinary event! Here are some of our most popular items. For a complete list of our lighting options, talk to one of our representatives. Lighting effects are among the most effective tools that disc jockeys utilize to create both energy and atmosphere on the dance floor.

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Mirror Ball

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Useful for all functions. Known for added elegance, it has a "floating diamond" effect. Suggested for slow dance songs, spotlight dances, swing classics, and disco parties This lighting effect will add a touch of nostalgia to any party.

Derby Light Effect

Two rows of 10 multicolored light beams. A built in microphone engages the 30 brilliant lights to rotate to the bass beat of music in a "bouncing crisscross" movement. Suggested for high-energy, dance and disco parties. Always adds a bright, colorful dimension to any venue.

Sparkles Light Effect

Twenty multicolored hexagonal-shaped beams of light that move in a semi-circular motion. Built-in microphones trigger the lights to rotate to the rhythm of the music. Pairs of sparkles are usually recommended in conjunction with other lights. A popular lighting enhancement that adds an element of soft color to any room.

Truss Lighting Package

Experience the ultimate! A customized variety of lighting effects are affixed to the truss and positioned individually to achieve the desired dramatic effect (e.g., mirror ball, derby, par cans, sparkles - fog can also be attached, if permissible by venue). The combined sensations of each effect will dramatically enhance the atmosphere of any party.